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CyberOS Archiso profile

This repository will let you build a bootable CyberOS ISO with ease on an Arch-based system.


You need to install the archiso package for this script to work. You're required to have root privileges (via sudo) for this script to work. It's also good practice to make sure that your mirrorlist is using default Arch repositories. Repositories of distros such as Manjaro may not work very well, and are unsupported.

The CyberOS profile uses omame (@omaemae)'s custom repository for Cyber packages, which are built when new commits are pushed to the upstream repos. You can find prebuilt ISOs here.


Cyber ISO running on VMware Cyber ISO running on QEMU/KVM with virgl


Clone the repository, make sure archiso is installed, then run ./ from the root directory.

You'll find the finished ISO in the build/out directory.